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Why choose sustainable denim?

By choosing sustainable denim, you are reducing harm to the planet. Admittedly, buying less and shopping second-hand is more sustainable than buying new jeans. However, if you need fresh denim, shopping sustainably is crucial. Sustainably made denim is produced using practices that require fewer resources, reduce waste, lower carbon emissions, and promote water stewardship.

Alternatively, conventional denim has a staggering impact on the environment. A single pair of conventional jeans ...

... requires up to 1,000 gallons of water to produce

... emits up 33 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere

... uses cotton occupying 12 square meters of land

Brand Spotlight

Discover Boyish

Explore our favorite jeans from Boyish.

Founded by California native Jordan Nodarse in 2018, Boyish represents a fusion of his passion for design and commitment to environmental responsibility. Drawing inspiration from vintage aesthetics and modern trends, Nodarse set out to create a denim brand that not only prioritizes style and quality but also champions ethical and eco-conscious practices.


Find answers to common questions about sustainability practices and our jean collection.

What is sustainable denim?

Sustainable denim is produced using materials and processes that are less resource-intensive, reduce waste, reduce emissions, use less chemicals, and promote water stewardship. Sustainable denim is durable and crafted to be worn for years.

Additionally, sustainable denim is produced in a social fair and transparent manner.

How does Proper pick the brands it curates?

Proper curates brands that craft high-quality and durable jeans. We prioritize brands that optimize towards safer, less resource-intensive materials, reduce waste, lower carbon emissions, promote water stewardship, and use earth-friendly packaging.

We prioritize brands caring for workers' health, safety, and livelihood throughout the supply chain and local communities.

Why can't I buy jeans directly from Proper?

Proper is in its infancy. We are currently focused on introducing consumers to sustainable brands so they are empowered to make purchasing decisions that are better for the planet. In the future, we hope to build stronger brand partnerships and enable consumers to shop directly from our website.

How do I care for my denim?

To care for your denim, turn them inside out before washing, use cold water, and hang them to dry. Avoid using bleach or harsh detergents, instead opt for a plant-based, eco-friendly detergent.  

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