Warp & Weft


  • Family owned
  • Inclusive
  • Accessible pricing


Warp + Weft is a size-inclusive sustainable denim brand. They are centered around serving “every body and everybody”, producing a range of sizes, shapes, and inseams to fit a wide range of people. They claim to represent 75 different sizes, shapes, and heights.

At the heart of this brand is Sarah Ahmed, a visionary founder with extensive experience within the denim and textile industry. Her family has operated one of the world’s largest textile mills for 25 years.  Drawing on knowledge passed down through generations, Sarah embarked on a mission to revolutionize denim with Warp + Weft. With a commitment to maintaining the highest standards in production and quality, she sought to create a brand combining fashion-forward designs with size inclusivity that satisfied the needs of a diverse range of customers.

What's Proper

  • Vertically Integrated. The legacy of Warp + Weft is closely intertwined with its family-operated textile mill, a key player in producing its exceptional denim. Through a vertically integrated factory, Warp + Weft is in complete control of the production process and has made critical decisions to improve sustainability. For example, Warp + Weft jeans consume only 10 gallons of water per pair compared to the 1,000+ gallons needed for a conventional pair.
  • Inclusivity. Warp + Weft's dedication to size-inclusivity is impressive. With a claim of representing 75 different sizes, shapes, and heights, they have shattered the traditional size barriers that have long plagued the denim industry. By embracing body diversity and creating inclusive options, Warp + Weft ensures everyone can find their perfect fit. From petite to plus-size, tall to short, their range caters to a broad spectrum of individuals, empowering them to rock their jeans confidently.
  • Accessible Pricing. Warp + Weft has managed to strike a balance between quality and affordability. Despite their high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, their jeans are priced at a level accessible to a broader audience. Many of these are thanks to their family-owned vertically integrated factory, allowing the brand to cut out third parties and unnecessary markups.  This makes it possible for more people to experience the comfort and style of Warp + Weft jeans without breaking the bank. The brand's commitment to offering premium denim at an affordable price is truly commendable.

What's Not

While there are many things to love about Warp + Weft, it's important to note that there is one area where the brand falls short – transparency. Though they excel in their manufacturing practices and commitment to inclusivity, the brand lacks transparency in certain aspects. This includes limited information about their supply chain and the specific details of their sustainability initiatives. While Warp + Weft has made strides in creating a sustainable and ethical brand, we hope to see more transparency in the future to further solidify their commitment to responsible fashion.

Denim Review

The name Warp + Weft is a nod to the weaving technique used to make denim from yarn, typically cotton. Using a name like that should really be reserved for brands prioritizing craftsmanship and durability. After trying Warp + Weft jeans, we were happy to find that the brand stays true to its namesake.

Ahmed's experience in the denim and fashion industry comes through clearly in the craftsmanship of Warp + Weft jeans. We were pleasantly surprised by each pair's quality, fit, and details, especially since all Warp + Weft jeans retail for less than $100.

GLA - Relaxed Cargo

High Rise
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The cargo trend is definitely making a comeback and the GLA - Relaxed Cargo jeans are the perfect way to embrace it. The fit of these pants is fantastic - they are roomy in all the right places, with a high waist that sits comfortably and a slight taper towards the ankle.

The cargo pockets at the thigh are not only stylish but also functional, providing extra storage space for small items like keys or a phone. The seaming details throughout the pants add an extra level of visual interest and elevate the overall design.

Fit Summary

True to size at waist. Meant to fit loosely throughout leg.

NCE - Wide Leg

High Rise
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These wide leg jeans give that laid back but stylish look that fits perfectly in its namesake city, Nice. They have a high rise and are slightly sculpted at the hips. The denim is a mid-weight denim that is soft to the touch.

The Forever wash is your standard light washed zip fly jean. The NCE does come in eight other washes including a pinstripe, a patchwork mix, and a few washes with a double waistband.

Fit Summary

True to size. Long inseam.

MIA - High Rise Flare

High Rise
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The leg lengthening high rise flare from Warp + Weft is made from an extremely soft stretch denim. They fit curves tightly from the waist to the knees while still remaining comfortable.

The jean comes in various washes from a crisp white to various blue denims and a jet black denim. I tried the Westlake wash that had a unique raw hem waistband. I loved the detail as I haven't seen a waistband like that anywhere else.

According to the brand, the jeans are made with the "most-sculpting high-rise top block" they could formulate. The sculpted top hugs the waist and booty perfectly.

Fit Summary

True to size.