• No sale policy
  • Partners with farmers
  • Extraordinary commitment to sustainability

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Welcome to the world of Kuyichi, a brand that's not just about fashion but about a movement. Born from a profound realization during a visit to the cotton fields of Peru, this brand has made it its mission to revolutionize the denim industry.

The story of Kuyichi begins in Peru in 1998 where the founders witnessed firsthand the harsh realities of the cotton industry - pollution and poverty. In response, the Kuyichi founders decided to create fair-trade and organic collaborations with the farmers to help uplift the farming communities and begin to regenerate the soil.

Launched in 2000, Kuyichi, named after the Peruvian rainbow god, symbolizes a commitment to vibrant and positive transformations in fashion. Today, their focus continues to extend beyond materials to encompass the entire production chain, ensuring benefits for all involved, from farmers to suppliers to consumers.

Pioneering the use of 100% organic cotton jeans in 2003, Kuyichi set a precedent for ethical and sustainable fashion. Today they continue to make decisions that prioritize the health of people and the planet.

What's Proper

  • No sale policy. Kuyichi stands for the belief that clothes should retain their value through each season. As consumers, we often learn to take advantage of sales, but such promotions strengthen the idea that clothing is disposable. Instead, Kuyichi customers invest in high-quality, durable, timeless jeans, intending to wear them for years. By purchasing a single pair of jeans, you can wear them for a long time without needing to replace them.
  • Partners with farmers. - it's well documented that organic cotton is better for the environment than conventional cotton. Thankfully, more and more brands are transitioning to organic cotton. However, the supply must still be ready to meet the growing demand. While farmers can sell their cotton at higher prices once it's certified organic, the lengthy time to transition and the lower yields during that transition period disincentivize farmers to make the switch. Likening back to its roots, Kuyichi helps farmers transition to organic cotton by buying it during this transition phase, even if it still needs certification. Purchasing in-conversion cotton is a win-win situation as the farmers can transition without losing buyers, and Kuyichi can still secure cotton farms using organic farming practices.
  • Extraordinary commitment to sustainability. Like Boyish Jeans, we were blown away by the depth and breadth of sustainability initiatives taken by Kuyichi. We believe that sustainability does not simply mean making environmentally friendly decisions but also prioritizing social welfare and transparency. Reading through the Kuyichi 2022 Sustainability Report, it's clear that Kuyichi is prioritizing the planet, people, and transparency across the entire supply chain.

What's Not

Truly the only problem with Kuyichi is that they are not in America. Yes, they do ship to the US quite fast and they even offer returns (must pay a restocking fee). But the overseas shipping requires more emissions than buying from a US based brand. If you fall in love with a style, and just need to have them, you can trust that they run true to size so you won't have to worry about trying multiple sizes. Also, check out their Fit Guide to help narrow down what you are looking for.

Denim Review

Kuyichi's denim collection is a treasure trove for the fashion-forward, blending timeless style with conscious craftsmanship. Each pair is a statement in sustainability, designed to cater to a diverse range of tastes and body types. From the classic straight-leg to the trendy mom jeans, and the effortlessly chic skinny fit to the bold flare, Kuyichi offers an array of styles that not only flatter but also stand the test of time. These jeans are more than just wardrobe staples; they're crafted to be your go-to favorites, offering comfort, durability, and a nod to timeless trends. With a keen eye for detail, Kuyichi ensures that every stitch speaks of quality and responsibility, making each pair a guilt-free indulgence for the style-conscious consumer who values both aesthetics and ethics

Bobbie Barrel Undyed

120 Euros
High Rise
Buy Here

The Bobbie Barrel Undyed jeans redefine eco-chic, featuring a pure, unaltered hue that speaks of raw, natural beauty. These jeans boast a relaxed, barrel-leg silhouette, offering a comfortable yet stylish fit. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, the off white natural color is the color of the undyed cotton meaning these jeans save even more water since the indigo dyeing process is skipped. The undyed fabric presents a unique canvas, allowing the jeans to age gracefully and develop character over time, making each pair distinctively yours.

Fit Summary

True to size.

Bobbie Barrel

130 Euro
High Rise
Buy Here

The Bobbie Barrel Nevada Blue jeans are a celebration of classic denim aesthetics combined with sustainable innovation. These high-waisted jeans, with their distinct Nevada blue tone, offer a flattering fit that accentuates the waist and flows into a relaxed barrel leg cropped right above the ankle. Made from ethically sourced organic cotton, they promise comfort and durability. The Nevada Blue shade is achieved through eco-friendly practices, ensuring that style and sustainability go hand in hand.

Fit Summary

Fit a little large but quite close to true to size.

Harper Loose Flare

120 Euros
High Rise
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The Harper Loose Flare Vintage Black jeans bring back the retro flair with a modern twist. These jeans feature a high-rise waist that smoothly transitions into a loose fit, cascading into a playful flare. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, they provide an authentic vintage look while upholding ethical fashion standards. The lightly washed black denim offers versatility, perfect for both casual outings and statement looks. The Harper Loose Flare is more than just a pair of jeans; it's a nod to the past with a vision for a sustainable future.

Fit Summary

Size up for the loose look these are meant to give. Fit snug; these are rigid jeans with no built in stretch so when first trying them on they will feel snug. Expect these to break in nicely.

Perfect length. Flare leg does not drag on the ground like many other flares I've tried.